Why get Google Business View

What is Google Business View?

Google Trusted Photographers are trained and Certified by Google to ensure strict quality standards are maintained. They are also authorized by Google to enter the Maps. Using the Street View imagery and link your business to the Street from a vantage point so that the visitor can enter your business from the street too.

What does my Google Maps Business Views Photo Package include?

Your Google Package includes the following:
  • A stunning Interactive 3600 Panoramic Virtual Tour
  • Up to ten Still Pictures
  • All pictures will be uploaded on to Google
  • Add Street Connection using the Google Street View Technology
  • Tour and the Still Photos published to Google

What will a Vastar Google Trusted Photographer do that I can't do myself?

At Vastar, our staff is recruited, trained and certified by Google as Google Trusted Photographers. We are authorized to establish to connect your Virtual Tours to Google Maps. These tours are published after passing rigirous Quality Control by Google's Trained Staff.

How much do I have to pay you monthly to publish the tour?

This is a One Time Charge for a Lifetime on Google. There are no monthly charges after the tour is published. It is yours to keep forever.

What happens to all the photographs you take?

The Still Photos are yours to keep - royalty free. You can use them as you deem fit.

How much time does it take to shoot and the publish tour?

Depending upon the number of Panos (Each spot where the pictures are taken is called a pano) to be shot, it can take anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours.
The completed tour is usually published within 24 hours. Sometimes it could take a little longer.

Can I embed the tour into my website and Facebook page?

Of course you can. We will provide you with all the neccessary code to insert your listing into your website and Facebook Fan Pages. It is yours to use. You can even insert a link into all your emails so that your mail reciepients can view the tour of your establishment.
Remember this is your 24/7 business promotion tool. Use it to increase your business and popularity on Google.

  • Testimonials

    Great Oaks Dental - Pickens

    Pankaj (or "PJ" if you'd rather...) did such a great job for us at Great Oaks Dental! He was professional, offered competitive pricing, gave us great ideas and lots of help implementing his product into our marketing plan. Pankaj gets a 5 Star Rating from Great Oaks!


  • Google Maps | Business View

    Invite customers inside to experience your business's ambience and decor with familiar Street View Navigation

  • Make Your Business stand out

    Add premium imagery to your presence in Google Search results, Google Maps and Google+

  • Available on all devices

    Customers can Google Maps Business View on their computers, smartphones or tablets

  • One time charge, lifetime on Google

    Quick and Affordable. Once it is done, it works as your ambassador 24/7 promoting your business on Google